Sales of oceanfront properties in the Comox Valley often serve as a barometer for the opulent real estate market. At the time of crafting this article, there were 46 coastal residences available for purchase. Prices spanned from a modest $398,000 for a 2-bedroom, 1-bath dwelling spanning 865 square feet, constructed in 1972 with partial support from stilts, nestled on 0.2 acres of sloped terrain, to a grand $4.5 million for a 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom bespoke West Coast contemporary residence, completed in 2013, resting on nearly 5 acres of land with breathtaking views of the Georgia Strait. The most recent listing had been on the market for a mere 2 days, while the longest-standing had endured for 713 days. In 2023, 11 oceanfront homes changed hands, fetching prices between $399,900 and $1,015,000, with the majority falling in the $600,000 to $700,000 range. In 2014, 27 homes were sold, and 28 in 2013. Anticipate this market’s vitality to improve as we transition into a more balanced phase, coupled with an incremental rise in prices.

Million-Dollar Dwellings

Comprising 28 listings across the entire valley, million-dollar homes in the Comox Valley ranged from 12 to 840 days on the market. Only one million-dollar property changed ownership this year, a notable drop from 7 in 2014, 8 in 2013, and 2 in 2012. The current buyer’s market has been somewhat capricious, but projections indicate an upswing in sales towards the year’s end and into the following year.

Crown Isle Residences

Crown Isle residences are gaining popularity among newcomers to the region. Last year, the entry point for a single-family home was in the low $400,000 range; however, this year, it has elevated closer to the mid $400,000 range. This shift can be attributed to a diminished listing inventory and a buoyant market. Most single-family homes in Crown Isle are freehold, and while some are situated on the golf course, many are not. This upscale community boasts broad streets, walkable sidewalks, and sophisticated street lighting, all within easy reach of local shopping and amenities. Presently, 22 homes are on the market, ranging in list price from $442,000 to $1.1 million. In the current year, 20 sales have been recorded, following 48 in 2014 and 24 in 2013. Do you like the article? Read also our breakdown of real estate commissions in the article about solving the mystery.

Crown Isle Residences

Luxurious Residences in Comox

Luxurious homes in the Town of Comox continue to be sought after. At the time of writing, 21 residences were listed above $500,000, with the highest price reaching $1.89 million. This year has witnessed the sale of 9 luxury homes, compared to 25 last year and 27 in 2013. Comox is poised to remain a preferred location for discerning homebuyers. Link to Wikipedia.

Upscale Homes in Courtenay

Luxurious homes in Courtenay, specifically in East Courtenay, outshine other areas (East, South, North, West, and City Core) in popularity. Nineteen high-end homes were listed in Courtenay East, with 5 sales recorded this year, 13 last year, and 11 the preceding year. Foresee Courtenay East continuing to vie with Comox as the preferred locale for luxury home acquisitions.

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