Embarking on Opulence

For those seeking a residence amidst coastal splendor, the Comox real estate market beckons with a legacy that commenced in 1877 when Joseph Rodello made a pioneering investment near the wharf. Evolving significantly, the luxury home segment now boasts a diverse array of residences, each a testament to architectural finesse and quality construction. Visitors accustomed to homes elsewhere in the country are in for a pleasant surprise, encountering unmatched build standards in this fabulous region.

Luxury Enclaves Unveiled

Our Marina Park

Within the Town of Comox, the lap of luxury extends across various locales, including but not limited to:

  • Beckton Estates and the Ensign Road area
  • Foxxwood Heights and areas adjacent along Pritchard Road
  • Beaufort Avenue and areas proximate to the Comox Bay
  • Colby Road area
  • Lancaster Heights area
  • Vicinities close to Sky View and Clear View Place
  • Secluded pockets in various private areas of Comox

Modern Marvels: Homes of Today

Recent additions and updates to the luxury homes panorama showcase modern conveniences and interior finishes that rival any region across the country. Each residence narrates a tale of contemporary living, seamlessly blending comfort and sophistication.

Historical Tapestry: Anchors of the Past

Historical Tapestry

The roots of Comox’s real estate narrative trace back to the arrival of the Hudson Bay Company’s “Beaver” steamboat in 1835, scouring the South and East Coast of Vancouver Island. Governor James Douglas, aboard the HMS Plumper in 1853, envisioned the area’s agricultural potential. The subsequent survey of Baynes Sound in 1860 affirmed its suitability for settlement, prompting Governor’s offer of $1 per acre in 1861 to lure settlers.

The first pioneers, staking their claims in 1862 around Augusta Bay (now Comox Bay), set the stage for what would become “The Landing.” Notable landmarks emerged, including Joseph Rodello’s store on Wharf Road, the construction of the Wharf hotel in 1877, and the establishment of St Joseph’s hospital in 1913.

The town underwent transformations in the early 20th century, witnessing the advent of automobiles in 1910, the establishment of RCAF Station Comox during World War II, and official town incorporation in 1967. Challenges, including fires and economic downturns, punctuated its journey, but Comox emerged resilient.

Modern Flourish: Town Today


Today, Comox thrives as a town of 14,028 residents, welcoming growth while preserving its small-town charm. The main street, adorned with shops and restaurants, exudes warmth, drawing thousands of visitors annually. The Comox Marina and pier, a short stroll from downtown, host various vessels and the annual Nautical Days Festival. The Filberg Heritage Lodge and Goose Spit Park further enrich the town’s allure, offering glimpses of ocean vistas and the Coast Mountains.

As the town continues to bask in mountainous landscapes and coastal allure, it serves as a magnetic host to those who visit and find in its embrace a compelling reason to stay.

Comox: Where Timeless Elegance Meets Coastal Legacy.