Nestled against the southern shores of the Comox Peninsula, the Town of Comox unfolds its story as a charming and tranquil seaside haven, cradling a population of 14,028 residents. Perched on the Comox Peninsula’s southern coast, this serene town stretches into the embrace of the Georgia Strait on the eastern expanse of mid Vancouver Island.

Harborside Elegance

Our Town of Comox Harbour

Defined by the sheltered waters of Comox Bay, guarded by the Comox Spit at its entrance, the town’s heartbeat resonates with the ebb and flow of the bay’s gentle currents. The Comox Harbour, adorned with four marinas, stands as the nexus for both commercial endeavors and recreational escapades, offering a gateway to the expansive ocean playground for the Comox Valley. The panoramic vistas across the bay, framed by the Comox Glacier and its surroundings, weave a tapestry of captivating allure.

Historical Ties and Town Tapestry

Comox, the sole town in proximity to Courtenay, occupies the southern realm of the Comox Peninsula, perched majestically above the Comox Harbour. Its nomenclature echoes the First Nations name K’omoks, tracing its roots back to 1862 when the Grappler, a gunboat from Base Esquimalt, ushered pioneer settlers to the bay, then known as Augusta Bay.

As of the 2016 Census, 14,028 residents embrace the idyllic ambiance of this retirement haven, marking a 2.9% uptick from the 2011 population. Within the town’s embrace, 6,410 private dwellings dot the landscape, while the main street weaves a bustling tapestry of shops, restaurants, and commercial ventures. A picturesque nine-hole golf course graces the northern fringes of downtown, where, on most days, deer gracefully graze amidst the fairways.

Laid-Back Elegance

Our Seaside Town

Comox wears a different mantle, an enclave with a more laid-back feel compared to its bustling neighbor, Courtenay. The town’s allure is heightened by the scenic majesty of Comox Bay and the Strait of Georgia, offering a serene backdrop to its growing community.

Marine Symphony: Marina Park

A focal point of festivities and gatherings, Marina Park unfolds as a canvas for numerous events throughout the year. Notable among these are the Filberg Festival and Nautical Days, gracing the town with vibrancy at the end of July. The Comox pier extends an invitation for a leisurely stroll, offering panoramic views of the distant Comox Glacier and the tranquil ocean cradling distant mountains. The adjacent marina becomes a dance floor for pleasure, sailing, and commercial boats, gracefully navigating the ocean’s expanse throughout the seasons.

Comox, where the rhythm of the ocean meets the serenity of a coastal haven, invites you to explore its seaside symphony.